Born, Elbasani, Albania
Lives and works in New York City, USA

2009               M.F.A., & M. A., Parsons The New School For Design, New York, NY
2006               B.A., Hunter College, CUNY, New York, NY
2004               A.S., LaGuardia C. College, CUNY, New York
1997               Ergastirio Rigas, Studio Art School, Athens, Greece
1993               H.S., Onufri School of Fine Arts & Music, Elbasani, Albania

Selected Solo & Group Exhibitions

2013               European Culture Center: Italian Embassy Mansion/Gallery—Tirana, Albania, Auction House; (Curator, A. Nallbani)
2011               Reis Studios; The Experimental Space, LIC Queens, New York (Curator, Michael Rodriguez)
2010               NARS Foundation Gallery (Ready Set Create), Brooklyn, New York (Curator, Junho Lee)
2010               Pleiades Gallery of Contemporary Art, New York, NY (Curator, M. Stephen Doherty)
2010               Medial 3. Art Biennial, London, England (Curator, Peter Russu)
2010               NARS Foundation Gallery, Brooklyn, New York (Curator, Alyssa Fridgen)
2009               NARS Foundation Gallery, Brooklyn, New York (Curator, Alyssa Fridgen)
2009               PULSE Art Fair, New York, NY (Curator, Eva Diaz)
2009               The Kitchen Gallery, New York, NY (Curators, Anthony D. Allen & Bill Carroll)
2008               Parsons the New School for Design Gallery, New York, NY (Curator, Simone Douglas)
2005               Barrett Art Center, New York, (Curator, Tumelo Mosaka)
2003               Barrett Art Center, New York (Curator, Laurie Strong)
2003               Savacou Gallery, New York, NY (Curator, George K. Walters)
2003               Amsterdam Whitney Gallery, New York, NY (Curator, Ruthie Tucker)
2003               Simone’s Gallery, New York (Curators, George K. Walters & L. Simone)
2002               Barrett Art Center, New York (Curator, Joan Young)
2000               Southampton College Gallery, New York (Curator, Roy Nicholson)
1998               Piraeus Dimotiko Art Gallery, Athens, Greece

Awards, Honors, & Bibliography

MANIFEST: 1st International Painting Annual/ Publication, Jason Franz, 2011
Creative Genius: published by Masters of Today, Peter Russu, 2011
Art in Vogue: published by Masters of Today, Peter Russu, 2011
The New Collectors Book, Basak Malone, 2011 
TRICYCLE Magazine: The Buddhist Review, Fabio Cutro, 2010
Diploma of Excellence and Honorable Ward, Medial 3 Art Biennial, 2010
Ward of Distinction, Medial 3 Art Biennial, 2010 
Magna Cum Laude, Hunter College, 2006
Academic Achievement in Fine Arts, LaGuardia C. College, 2004
Outstanding Service in Fine Arts, LaGuardia C. College, 2004
DIRECT ART Magazine: 3rd Prize Winner, Volume 8, publisher, Paul Winslow, 2003
Poughkeepsie Journal: Direction 02, Nicole Edwards, 2002
Illyria: New York, American-Albanian Newspaper, Dalip Greca, 2003
Ta Nea: Athens’s Newspaper, Greece, Christos Karabatsos, 1998


Philosophy, Political Theory, Fine Arts, Art History, Literature & Poetry

Academic Studies and Discourses/Essays:
Philosophy | Aesthetics | Critical Theory

Metaphysics, Pataphysics, Semantics, Semiotics, Ontology, Epistemology, Existentialism, Phenomenology, Hermeneutics,
Modern & Postmodern-Contemporary Theory
(Essays on: M. Heidegger, Jean-Paul Sartre, M. Merleau-Ponty, Plato, Utopia & Dystopia, Aesthetics of Modernity &
Postmodernity, in response and in relation to; Kant, Hegel, Marx, K. Popper, Th. Adorno, M. Foucault, R. Barthes,
J. Kristeva, G. Deleuze, H. Gadamer, G. Vattimo, J. Ranciere, E. Tugendhat & S. Zizek; to mention just a few ).


Fluent: in Albanian, English, Greek, German & Russian


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